Bunny and Dogpic

Bunny and Dog

They tolerate each other well. I got the 'look' because I disturbed their Animal Planet show.
vtachchick May 28, 2006
Another celebrity sighting!pic

Another celebrity sighting!

The weather guy from my favorite channel's morning show came to visit our station. He was such an awesome guy to hang out with and…
vtachchick May 11, 2006
Red Skies At Nightpic

Red Skies At Night

Another beautiful sunset in Rocky Point. The sky changed colors every couple of minutes and I was in awe.
vtachchick Apr 20, 2006
Sand dollarspic

Sand dollars

I found this trio over the weekend in Rocky Point. There was a baby one the size of a dime, but when I stopped to…
vtachchick Apr 03, 2006
Great peoplepic

Great people

Today was the Valley Hispanic Bomberos health and safety fair. I'm in green and my friends are in gray. These people are such hard workers…
vtachchick Mar 25, 2006
Meet my new friendpic

Meet my new friend

This is my new friend, "Cloudy". His owners knew I was looking for a dog and they generously gave him to me. The only catch…
vtachchick Mar 19, 2006
Red Skies At Nightpic

Red Skies At Night

Phoenix: 142 days without ran and all we got was this awesome sunset.
vtachchick Mar 09, 2006


For all of Monty's fans!
vtachchick Feb 15, 2006
Happy Valentine's Day!pic

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope yours is happy!
vtachchick Feb 10, 2006
I like Chinesepic

I like Chinese

They only come up to your knees. They're always eager and willing to please. I like Chinese food. The waiters, they never are rude! ~Monty Python
vtachchick Feb 03, 2006
Everything's coming up daisiespic

Everything's coming up daisies

Well, not everything. Just bought a Princess Parrotfish for my tank on Sunday afternoon. When I came home from school today, she was covered in…
vtachchick Jan 30, 2006
Send me an angelpic

Send me an angel

Taken at a florist shop.
vtachchick Jan 28, 2006


Here is the front door of my dream house in the Willo district. It reminds me so much of a California bungalow. In the spring…
vtachchick Jan 26, 2006
Bees! In the winter!pic

Bees! In the winter!

Couldn't resist taking a picture of a bee and a flower :). Went for a ride yesterday and took photos of my dream house in…
vtachchick Jan 25, 2006

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vtachchick Jan 22, 2006
My first photopic

My first photo

I got my 10D and I am having so much fun with it. This is one of the first pictures I've taken with it. I'm…
vtachchick Jan 20, 2006
Home away from homepic

Home away from home

Sunset on Christmas at my parent's house. I just bought a Canon EOS 10D so I am thinking of heading back to their house next…
vtachchick Jan 14, 2006

We shall call them...

Bricklayers. Yes, bricklayers. Seems every time anyone wants to do something positive with their life, someone has to build a brick wall in front of…
vtachchick Jan 13, 2006
Eat my shorts, man!pic

Eat my shorts, man!

Aah, the continuing saga of skool. Journal says it all.
vtachchick Jan 13, 2006

Standing at the crossroads...

Sigh. Where do I start? I think I've hit rock bottom with people who call themselves my 'friend'. I go to school with this guy…
vtachchick Jan 11, 2006
I've got...pic

I've got...

This has been my mood lately. I'm standing at a crossroad and I'm not sure which road to take. Read the blog to find out…
vtachchick Jan 11, 2006
Fly! Be free!pic

Fly! Be free!

Funny what happens when you throw one little piece of bread into the sky for one seagull!
vtachchick Jan 08, 2006
Monty vs. Carpic

Monty vs. Car

Car 1, Monty 0. He saw a guy across the street with his dog and decided to dart out after him. Daddy was a wreck but…
vtachchick Nov 29, 2005
My chowspic

My chows

This is a picture of a picture of my former Chows. They've crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Now it's time for a cream puppy. Sadie was…
vtachchick Nov 23, 2005


Monty just found out that I am in the market for a puppy. I asked him to help me out with names, but he refuses…
vtachchick Nov 20, 2005
While visions of bronto-bones danced in his headpic

While visions of bronto-bones danced in his head

We don't know how he got in this position, but he did and is (of course) out cold.
vtachchick Nov 12, 2005
Let me sleep, dad!pic

Let me sleep, dad!

He loves this footstool and rests his head on it while his daddy works. He doesn't to be bothered to have a picture taken.
vtachchick Nov 09, 2005
Mo Money Montypic

Mo Money Monty

So this dog...he's so bizarre. He likes to sleep in the safe and can pretty much sleep through anything. My friend decides to lay some…
vtachchick Nov 08, 2005
Don't touch my bone!pic

Don't touch my bone!

Monty protects his bone from the evil man!
vtachchick Nov 03, 2005
The A Mountainpic

The "A" Mountain

Behold the beautiful "A" mountain.
vtachchick Sep 02, 2005
New roompic

New room

I have searched high and low for this bedspread and I finally found it (thanks to the internet....where would we be without this wonderful thing?!?!)…
vtachchick Aug 28, 2005
Scorpion....VTachChick stylepic

Scorpion....VTachChick style

Farmlife, this one's for you. This is a relative of the guy in your picture. Unfortunately, because this guy was found in my house…
vtachchick Aug 27, 2005
My deskpic

My desk

This is the place I park my bum and read/study/chat/post photos. Spanish book on my right. Chemistry book on my left. Where to start? What…
vtachchick Aug 26, 2005
My new babypic

My new baby

Welcome to my aquatic family baby "Homer". He's a yellow tang and is absolutely beautiful (not as beautiful as my clown fish, but I'm not…
vtachchick Aug 23, 2005


I got to looking at Farmlife's pictures and I really miss my bunny. He's at home being taken care of by "grandpa". I know he's…
vtachchick Aug 07, 2005
Life is greatpic

Life is great

squint your eyes and look closer i'm not between you and your ambition i am a poster girl with no poster i am thirty-two flavors and then some and…
vtachchick Aug 05, 2005


This is my friend's dog, Clancy. She loves standard poodles and found this one at the Yuma pound. He needs a little bit of work…
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vtachchick Aug 03, 2005
For real!?!?!pic

For real!?!?!

Yes this is real.
vtachchick Jul 12, 2005
My buddypic

My buddy

The man you see in this picture is a very dear friend of mine. I've only known him for about five months and he is…
vtachchick Jul 01, 2005
Orcinus Orcapic

Orcinus Orca

This shot was taken at Sea World, San Diego. My friend works there and we went behind the scenes. I couldn't resist taking this shot…
vtachchick Jun 30, 2005
Sparky the Sun Devilpic

Sparky the Sun Devil

Sparky waiting patiently in traffic.
vtachchick Jun 16, 2005


This is what they were cleaning up.
vtachchick Jun 16, 2005
Arizona DPS cleaning uppic

Arizona DPS cleaning up

After a savage rollover. Traffic was backed up for over an hour and a half.
vtachchick Jun 16, 2005
Moe Rabbitpic

Moe Rabbit

If he could talk, he'd sound like Moe the bartender from the Simpsons.
vtachchick Jun 16, 2005
Sparky was even amazedpic

Sparky was even amazed

Sparky couldn't believe it either! And yes, the temperature display does read 105F. Welcome to Phoenix.
vtachchick Jun 16, 2005


A friend of mine is a photographer and I am a freelance make-up artist so we decided to go out to the desert and do…
vtachchick Jun 15, 2005
This is the lifepic
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