We shall call them...

Bricklayers. Yes, bricklayers. Seems every time anyone wants to do something positive with their life, someone has to build a brick wall in front of…
vtachchick Jan 13, 2006

Standing at the crossroads...

Sigh. Where do I start? I think I've hit rock bottom with people who call themselves my 'friend'. I go to school with this guy…
vtachchick Jan 11, 2006
Sparky the Sun Devilpic

Sparky the Sun Devil

Sparky waiting patiently in traffic.
vtachchick Jun 16, 2005


This is what they were cleaning up.
vtachchick Jun 16, 2005
Arizona DPS cleaning uppic

Arizona DPS cleaning up

After a savage rollover. Traffic was backed up for over an hour and a half.
vtachchick Jun 16, 2005
Moe Rabbitpic

Moe Rabbit

If he could talk, he'd sound like Moe the bartender from the Simpsons.
vtachchick Jun 16, 2005
This is the lifepic
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